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Superfoods for Green Smoothies


There is no consensus amongst experts or novices about whether or not we should be adding superfoods to our diets and this includes to green smoothies. David Wolfe is famous in the raw food world for his love of superfoods, though he is willing to admit he does not live on superfoods alone.

There is no regulation for the term ‘superfood’, however the general censuses is that superfoods are super-nutritious, not just with one or a few nutrients but many. There are many varied opinions about superfoods from dubious websites touting ice-cream and bacon as superfoods, through to supreme superfoods like maca, noni and AFA blue-green algae.

The term ‘functional food’ is also an unregulated term referring to a feature of food which serves a particular function to promote health or prevent disease. Generally they are processed foods that have claims such as ‘high in fibre’, or » Read more..

Narelle Chenery’s Daily Green Smoothie

Narelle Chenery


Narelle Chenery is the founder and creative director of research and development for Miessence, the worlds first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. Narelle is a huge fan of green smoothies and this is her nutrition packed version that serves 2.


1 x baby green coconut (juice and flesh)
1⁄2 cup of fruit of the season (paw paw, mango, peaches, pears, berries)
1 x banana
1 x handful of goji berries
1 x tsp bee pollen granules
1 x tsp maca root powder
2 x tsp In-Liven
2 x tsp Berry Radical
2 x tsp DeepGreen
2 x tbs soaked chia seeds
1 x big handful of spinach (or other leafy greens)
1 x tbs flax oil (or evening primrose or hemp, or good EFA blend)
4 x tbs hemp protein (or protein powder of choice)

Superfood Green Smoothie by Narelle Chenery


“This is a variation of a summer morning smoothie meal that keeps us going until lunchtime. It’s got everything you need it in.  Loads of phyto-nutrition! Greens, antioxidants, probiotics.  Plus the macronutrients (protein, oils, fibre).  Plus it’s delicious”    Narelle Chenery



More about Narelle and Miessence

The Miessence story began almost 20 years ago when Narelle Chenery, at home with two young children and pregnant with her third, started to question the ingredients in her personal care products. Her quest to find a truly natural product range failed, so she started her mission to create her own. After numerous mould growing and exploding experiments in her kitchen, Narelle developed a range of products she sold at markets and by mail order.

Her products were discovered by a pioneer on the organics industry, Alf Orpin. He challenged her with his help, to make her products certified organic. In February 2003, Miessence was born as the world’s first extensive range of certified organic personal care products to food standards. Miessence produces products for skin, hair, mouth, body, men and baby as well as perfumes, essential oils and nutritional products.

Organic products are well known to be better for the environment, safer and more nutritious. However Miessence is more than a company producing and selling certified organic products. Their vision is ‘to be an outstanding enterprise of inspiration, conviction, and integrity that is a force for change towards ethical and ecological business practice’. Cool huh?


Miessence product range

Miessence product range




Oxidation, degradation, corrosion, tarnishing, rusting….these are all terms to describes similar processes that involves the breakdown of a substance due to a chemical reaction with its surroundings. The classic example is the rusting of iron into iron oxide by exposure to water. Because nature is always seeking balance or ‘homeostasis’ and energy conservation, the rusting of iron is nature’s way of trying to return the man-made metal form of iron, back to its more stable state that it exists in, in nature.

Antioxidant refers to anti-oxidation. ‘Oxidation’ is a term used in chemistry to describe the net loss of electrons from a molecule, atom or ion. The opposite is ‘reduction’ which refers to the net gain of electrons.  Electrons are tiny particles within an atom that have a negative charge (protons are positive).

Nature’s desire for homeostasis results in redox reactions. Redox (REDuction – OXidation) reactions occur in nature and the human body continuously.  For example, photosynthesis in plants involves taking carbon dioxide, water and » Read more..

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