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Cherry Christmas



2 bananas
1 cup of frozen or fresh pitted cherries
(or blueberries if you can’t get cherries)
1.5 of cups of coconut water
A big handful of greens

In Australia, where I am from, cherries are ripe in time for Christmas which is so special. Snow for a white Christmas or sun and cherries?….you decide!

Chillax with Cherries



This green smoothie has the potential to cause serious relaxation and great mood! Interesting all ingredients begin with a “C”.

1.5 cup cherries
2 Tbs raw cacao
2 Tbs chia
2 cups cashew milk
1-2 handfuls of leafy greens

Cashews, chia and cacao are great sources of magnesium, a mineral easily depleted by stress and insomnia. We need it to help our muscles relax and its an important  mineral for our brain.

Cherries contain the tryptamine ‘melatonin’ which aids relaxation and sleep. Cacao subsequently activates tryptamines. What a partnership!


Cashew Milk

Soak 1/3 cup raw cashews for 4 hours till plump with water
Discard soak water and blend soaked cashews with 1.5 cups of water and 1 Tbs agave or maple syrup
Makes 2 cups of cashew milk for recipe above



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