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Superfoods for Green Smoothies


There is no consensus amongst experts or novices about whether or not we should be adding superfoods to our diets and this includes to green smoothies. David Wolfe is famous in the raw food world for his love of superfoods, though he is willing to admit he does not live on superfoods alone.

There is no regulation for the term ‘superfood’, however the general censuses is that superfoods are super-nutritious, not just with one or a few nutrients but many. There are many varied opinions about superfoods from dubious websites touting ice-cream and bacon as superfoods, through to supreme superfoods like maca, noni and AFA blue-green algae.

The term ‘functional food’ is also an unregulated term referring to a feature of food which serves a particular function to promote health or prevent disease. Generally they are processed foods that have claims such as ‘high in fibre’, or » Read more..

Cardio-Vascular Health


There are many complicated chemical reactions in our bodies and if certain nutrients are missing, then processes can get stuck. In some of these ‘stuck’ situations a substance called homocysteine can rise to dangerous levels. High levels of homocysteine are known to be associated with cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, also neural tube defects, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, liver disease, depression and peripheral neuropathy. Homocysteine in high amounts can damage artery walls leading to inflammation and atherosclerosis. » Read more..

Tonic’s Green Machine



The crew at TONIC Superfoods have kindly submitted a fabulous superfood green smoothie recipe as well as their expert insight into superfoods and green smoothie nutrition.



2.5 cups Almond Milk

1/2 an avocado

2 handfuls of spinach

1 heaped tsp barley grass

1 tsp raw honey

1 tsp bee pollen

1 tsp raw cacao

1 tsp maca powder

1 tsp chia Seeds

Throw it all in the blender & serve!

At Tonic Superfoods we believe that good nutrition doesn’t have to be boring, in fact it should be fun! Here’s a delicious smoothie and a definite favourite in the Tonic Kitchen. We love this smoothie because its basically a one stop shop & can be substituted as a meal when you’re on the go.  Aside from all the nutritional benefits, it tastes amazing.

The list of nutritional benefits that come along with drinking this smoothie are almost endless, Lets have a look at the top 3 benefits that come from this green glass of goodness: » Read more..

Chia Seeds


Chia seeds originate from the ancient Aztecs, where they were so revered, they were used as currency. Chia have the highest known plant source of omega 3 fats which are known as essential fatty acids (EFAs), meaning we need them to be supplied by our food. EFAs are essential for our nervous system and brain, our cardiovascular system, skin and also our joints.

Unlike flax/linseeds and fish, which also contain these fats, chia is very stable due to its high antioxidant value. Ground flax seeds and flax oil must be kept strictly refrigerated and used very quickly (in 1-2 weeks) or it goes rancid. Chia has four times the antioxidant strength of blueberries and the black chia seeds will have more antioxidants than the white.

Chia has a low glycemic index (GI), is gluten free and is jam packed with nutrients including a complete amino acid profile. This means it contains all eight » Read more..

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