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Superfoods for Green Smoothies


There is no consensus amongst experts or novices about whether or not we should be adding superfoods to our diets and this includes to green smoothies. David Wolfe is famous in the raw food world for his love of superfoods, though he is willing to admit he does not live on superfoods alone.

There is no regulation for the term ‘superfood’, however the general censuses is that superfoods are super-nutritious, not just with one or a few nutrients but many. There are many varied opinions about superfoods from dubious websites touting ice-cream and bacon as superfoods, through to supreme superfoods like maca, noni and AFA blue-green algae.

The term ‘functional food’ is also an unregulated term referring to a feature of food which serves a particular function to promote health or prevent disease. Generally they are processed foods that have claims such as ‘high in fibre’, or » Read more..

Blended Green Juices

blende green juice


Today I felt like a less filling drink for my first meal because I slept in (lucky me!) and didn’t want to eat lunch too late.

In my book I describe 10 blended green juice recipes, and today my choice was a base of orange juice with my algae powders that I am very into right now!


3 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tsp AFA algae flakes
2 tsp InLiven Probiotic (contains spirulina)
big handful of spinach
handful of mint leaves

Blend for about a minute and serve for two

InLiven and AFA algae

InLiven on the left and AFA algae on the right










I often hear that people want the benefits of green smoothies, namely the fiber, but they don’t want to drink a full smoothie, which is very filling. I completely agree, as I struggle to drink a liter of green smoothie daily. I consume half a litre of green smoothie for breakfast, but I really like to eat lunch and dinner. However, I do want the super-nutrition a full litre can provide.

The solution that works for me is blending plain greens into juice; blending greens with very juicy fruits like watermelon; or blending a small amount of fruit with water and greens. I will tend to drink these juices prior to lunch and dinner, and the drinks often contain lemon as a digestive aid for my meal.

You can use a traditional juicer can be used to make juice and then use a blender to blend fresh greens through it. Any liquid base can be used in this instance, be it actual juice, water, coconut water, or nut milk. Moreover, blended green juices are a great way of using vegetables that don’t work as well in a smoothie, such as fennel, celery, carrot, and beets.


InLiven Probiotic Superfood

If I could take one food or superfood to a desert island, it would be InLiven probiotic. Is has been instrumental in helping me conquer candida in my gut and I never go a day without it. I take 1 tsp in my smoothie every day and every three months, I take it 3 times a day for a week.

InLiven is the result of over 20 years research & development. It is a raw, certified organic, fermented, probiotic superfood acting as a four in one food based supplement:

1. A probiotic formula containing all 13 Lactobaccillus friendly bacteria and two strains of beneficial saccharomyces yeasts
2. A pre-biotic formula as it also contains malt liquid and molasses as an ongoing food source for the bacteria
3. A digestive enzymes formula when taken before meals (enzymes from the bacteria and the living whole foods in the formula)
4. A nutritional formula containing 20 amino acids including the 8 essentials, vitamins, minerals and trace elements from spirulina, grass powders, vegetables and grains. » Read more..

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