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Spirulina, chlorella, AFA (Alphanizemenon Flos-Aquae) and MPP (Marine Phyto-Plankton) are all single cell organisms that have similar nutritional profiles with key differences. They all boast a similar abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, 60% or greater protein, all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, RNA and DNA, and antioxidant pigments (namely chlorophyll). They also have reported immune boosting properties being anti-bacterial/fungal/viral in nature. In addition they are said to improve mental capacity, are cancer fighting, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, blood building and are 90-100% able to be assimilated by the body.

Chlorella and Spirulina are cultivated in fresh water ponds and lakes. AFA is a wild harvested, cold water micro-algae from Klamath Lake in Oregon. Marine phytoplankton (MPP) is a sea/salt water based micro-algae.

Spirulina, AFA and some chlorella strains have the blue pigment phycocyanin, which is an antioxidant, is blood building along with chlorophyll, and is a stem cell enhancing substance. With the green chlorophyll pigment these algae are often » Read more..

Superfoods for Green Smoothies


There is no consensus amongst experts or novices about whether or not we should be adding superfoods to our diets and this includes to green smoothies. David Wolfe is famous in the raw food world for his love of superfoods, though he is willing to admit he does not live on superfoods alone.

There is no regulation for the term ‘superfood’, however the general censuses is that superfoods are super-nutritious, not just with one or a few nutrients but many. There are many varied opinions about superfoods from dubious websites touting ice-cream and bacon as superfoods, through to supreme superfoods like maca, noni and AFA blue-green algae.

The term ‘functional food’ is also an unregulated term referring to a feature of food which serves a particular function to promote health or prevent disease. Generally they are processed foods that have claims such as ‘high in fibre’, or » Read more..

More about AFA microalgae

AFA algae

Aphanizomenon flos acquae or AFA microalgae is a true superfood. In a previous post I discussed different types of micro algae and today I wanted to talk in more detail about the amazing properties of AFA, which is an ingredient well suited to green smoothies in addition to leafy greens.

E3Live is one brand of AFA and I have asked Tim and Debbie from E3Live Australia to provide their expert knowledge about this product as well as a couple of green smoothie recipes they love.

E3Live is Mother Nature’s most nutrient-dense superfood tonic for both the body and mind. E3Live is certified organic, wild-crafted blue-green algae (Aphanizomenon flos acquae – “Invisible Living Flower of the Water”) that is unique to the upper basin of Lake Klamath in Oregon, USA.

E3Live is also unique in that it is the world’s first algae to be provided to consumers in its original form, fresh-frozen in order to retain enzymatic efficacy. In fact, there are many aspects of E3Live that make it a unique addition to an individual’s health protocols, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • 98% nutrient assimilation, twice as much as any fruit or vegetable – the algae’s glucose cell wall ensures fast and near-total nutritional absorption
  • Widest spectrum of synergistic nutrients found in any plant food, including complete B-vitamin range
  • Highest quantity of chlorophyll and beta-carotene found in any plant food
  • Essential amino/fatty acids, trace minerals and blue pigment phyto-nutrients all contribute to optimal cognitive functioning
  • Contains the same mood-enhancing neuro-chemical-supporting nutrient as found in raw cacao called PEA (Phenylethylamine), “the molecule of Love”. The PEA in AFA is 50 times more bio-available compared to cacao!
  • Blue pigment phyto-nutrient contributes to adult stem cell migration from bone marrow
  • Assists in carbohydrate metabolism/digestion, reduces blood glucose levels, and increases the biosynthesis of proteins into body tissue
  • Contains humic acid, which aids the body in drawing nutrients from food directly into the mitochondria (heart) of every cell.
  • Blue pigment contains significant anti-inflammatory properties.










The two recipes we have developed have been designed to provide a significant “lift” to the person(s) consuming them. We have restricted the fruit to two choices and have chosen a cross-spectrum of ingredients that will act in a synergistic fashion with one another. The E3Live acts as a ‘super-charger’ that powers all of the other ingredient elements into every part of the body and brain. (Recipes make approx. 1 litre/1 quart of green smoothie).


2 Tbs sunflower & pumpkin seeds (preferably soaked overnight)
2 pears
1/4 of an avocado
Water from1 large Thai coconut
3-4 leaves of Silverbeet
Seeds scraped from 1 vanilla pod
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 Tbs raw wild bush honey
1-2 Tablespoons (15-30ml) E3Live

Option: to increase electrolyte/trace mineral content and digestibility, add 1 ml (10-12 drops) of fulvic acid concentrate/tincture (E3Live Australia stocks Cell Therapy Rejuvenate, the world’s most potent fulvic product, stored in miron glass containers)

2 Tbs black chia seeds (if time pre-soak for at least 1 hour)
1 Mango,
1 red papaya
½ cup of spinach leaves
½ cup of dandelion leaves
½ cup of rocket leaves
½ cup of parsley
sprig of mint leaves
1 cup of almond milk
1 cups of spring/alkaline water
1 Tbs real Canadian maple syrup
1 Tbs of raw wild bush honey
1-2 tablespoons (15-30ml) of E3Live

Option: to make this recipe even more ‘wild’ and green-tastic, read up on local herbs in your area and go for a forage!  Comfrey, Yellow Dock, Stinging Nettle, Plantain, Cat’s Ears, French Sorrel, Pineapple Sage, Cobbler’s Pegs (aka Farmer’s Friends), Sweet Potato Leaves, Strawberry Leaves…  there’s a whole world outside your window to explore (thank you to Imajical Ipharadisi for the suggestions!)

More about E3Live Australia

Founded in 2006 with the sole mission of “Helping others to help themselves” – E3Live Australia promote a conscious, healthy lifestyle which encourages personal development and well-being by offering a range of products which contain essential life-enhancing nutrients to strengthen both the body and mind. Several products backed by a one-year, 100% money-back guarantee

E3Live Australia offers staff  possessing majors in both Microbiology and Immunology, who are qualified to fully answer nutrition/wellness questions (on an everyday or Scientific level) that may assist with the many facets of life that impact biochemical wellbeing. In addition they have experience in natural therapies and modalities that span over twenty years throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, with access to the latest worldwide researched papers in health and wellness.




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